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Shock Treatment Nightclub

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Last Night (xposted) Dec. 26th, 2006 @ 06:49 pm
Well I hope everyone had a great Xmas.
We at Shock Treatment had a wonderfully drunken day enjoying christmas spirits.
Unfortunately though, Shock Treatment is coming to an end - we will be disbanding to join the crew at Club Phoenix. Yes, we have been assimilated by the Phoenix-Borg (resistance was futile) and will be continuing our music stylings on friday nights (begining the 12th January) at Phoenix.
(more news on that coming soon)

So our "its all over party" will be on Wednesday 27th December where we say goodbye to our wednesday night club.

Come and join us to celebrate the death of Shock Treatment.
this wednesday night
Rockafellas nightclub in the valley
8pm til late.

Shock Treatment Xmas Thing Dec. 17th, 2006 @ 11:49 am
Yes indeed ladies und gentlemen,
Celebrate Xmas - Shock Treatment style, this wednesday the 20th.
There will be candy under the tree for all and a couple of wee door prizes for the lucky.
See you all there,

and again... Dec. 2nd, 2006 @ 09:26 pm
Well, last week at Shock Treatment was a fairly enjoyable night.
The band, was, lets just say - less than successful. With much more work they would be able to put on a good show.
This wednesday the 6th will see the club return to its regular schedule of Djs and Drinking.
Hope to see you all there.

this week... Nov. 25th, 2006 @ 08:50 pm
Wednesday the 29th we have at Shock Treatment, our first (and not the last) live act. 
Local band Wet Black Tshirt will be playing 1 to 2 short sets of their Industrial/Electronica infused mayhem, broken up by sets by our regular djs.
Entry for this night is STILL only $5 and the night shall kick off as usual at 8pm. 
see you there.
Music: Spew - Tired of the Hunt

Nov. 25th, 2006 @ 12:19 am
Hi. I'm the main metal DJ.

You can request songs here, and if i have em i may include em in my set.

No nu-metal.
No shitmetal (ie emo, hardcore, metalcore, whatever you wanna call it. Killswitch Engage is NOT metal.)
No non-metal (there are other DJs for that)
No nagging.

If i don't include it it's because it doesn't fit the flow of the set. If you nag, i will NOT play your song. If you try to ask for a request on the night, you WILL be refused. I'm busy and I don't like interruptions. Plus as a patron, you're not allowed up there ;P

enjoy the club people! it's more fun than a barrel of monkeys screwing a tortoise on a rollercoaster!

Mood: crazycrazy
Music: In Flames - The Jester's Dance
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Welcome to Shock Treatment's Online Community. 

Obviously I'm throwing this together rather willy nilly and ill have to make it much more presentable but we'll see how it goes. It serves its purpose so we'll leave it at that. 

For those who have been to the club before; thanks for attending and we'll see you again. To those who haven't, you're missing out on quite a wednesday night. 

First things first... 
Shock Treatment is the place to be wednesday nights in Brisbane. 
Altar of Metal/ Altar of Rock run the same night, feel free to pop in after your injection of live metal at the Colombian, Shock Treatment at Rockafellas Nightclub is open til late. 
We have 3 resident djs playing ALL types of metal across the board (we try to keep away from much of the nu stuff) spatterings of Industrial, Ebm in its hardest and lightest forms and alternative rock from the past 3 decades. 
Its a healthy mix of everything that rocks. 
Rockafellas boasts comfy couches and regular drink specials (which for legal reasons, specifics cannot be advertised).
$5 entry isn't a whole lot to pay. We keep it that low so that you can enjoy your night without breaking the bank. 
Our opening night was the 11th of October and we've been disturbing the peace every wednesday since then. 

Club updates, pictures, news and reviews will be posted. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions. 
(other than the suggestion to make the site look nicer. im working on that you bastards)

Coming soon is a hefty update for this Wednesday night, the 29th. 
Also working through some image gallery's and the like. 
Thanks for the patience, 
see you at the Club
your friendly moderator and club runner
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